Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Loretta Life

Although id read about her life on the internet and in books i felt the best way to get an understanding of her life would be to watch the film based on her life. 'Coal Miners Daughter' - Michael Apted. The film was based on her Autobiography and at some point was pretty disturbing. in fact her whole life was pretty weird. On one side she was raped an abused by her much older husband in her teens and taken away from her family, however if it hadn'ta been for her husband she wouldn't be singing or performing, shed still be a coal miners daughter. I generally found the film quite depressing and sad. i want to incorporate this into my work some how.

Loretta with her twins
As i watched the film i screen printed parts that i thought would be handy when makign my design later on.
snazy blue car

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