Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Country/ Western LETTERING

Spent a lot of time looking at different type of country/western fonts. first i checked out Lorettas album/ poster covers to see what type of font she used. I found she preferred to use fonts that flowed with each other. using flicks and curves to excentuate the letters. but she did occasionally use the bold thicker western fonts (as seen in the second image)

i felt drawn to the more organic curves and flicks coming off the letters.

I really like the contrast between flowing and block letters here. something to take into account for my final design

Block letters with flicked ends. legible and sophisticated

Went on photoshop to find existing fonts that i could use as a basis for my own font. i wanted to see how the letters joined or didn't in some cases. i also wanted to see how the L was exaggerated at the beginning of her name. i liked the idea of having a bold unique first letter.

sketched out a number of different letters using characteristics of fonts id found but adding my own unique lines.
Really like the flow of this design, letter are bold yet sophisticated with the addition of exaggerated flicks. I think i may have added too many flicks though
upped the scale of the lettering in the corner font to get a better idea of how i could incorporate the letters into my installation and whether to make them 3D or not.

This is my final lettering for the installation. i think the end of the L helps the letters flow and i have reduced the number of flicks to make the letters more legible. i think its thick bold letters will help it stand out on the wall

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