Wednesday, March 24, 2010


One of my ideas. i liked the background mountains and trees but they made the image too wide to fit on the panel i was going to draw on. I also felt the bass hindered the lettering and the hair did not belong in the middle. also i wanted to get a rounded image. so i dismissed this idea.

My final drawn idea: after my first idea i felt that my design needed to flow better. so decided to move the car and bus around to make the equal heights. i wanted them to look as though they were coming out of the picture. The car and bus represent Loretta's travelling during her life.

I added a sad girl at the top middle because i felt that her sad and short childhood was a significant part of her life. the bowed head and shadowed features represent sadness.

i incorporated the horses head because most of the families were she lived used horses to move around and Loretta went on to keeping them at her ranch.

The cowboy hat above the bus is representative of general western life, as she moved up in life the hats got more extravagant and her father wore one at the start of the film.

finally, i drew the guitar and the sun strokes because i wanted to show some sort of brightness within her life. they show her success in music and life. The design moves down in her life. Form childhood to travel then world famous country/ western performer.

added some water colours to see what the image would look like in colour, colours are quite dull but i think i would like to incorporate some sort of colour into the image whether it be just the guitar for instance.

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